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BEING VEGAN – A Love Letter to the Animals

posted Feb 19, 2014, 12:28 PM by Neil Serdinsky
BEING VEGAN – A Love Letter to the Animals
February 16, 2014  |   Filed under: Being Vegan  |   Posted by: Paul Graham  |   Reposted here by: Neil Serdinsky
Paul_G_NewBy Paul Graham

Las Vegas Informer

“Our purpose is simple–to love. To love each other, to love all life, and to love our earth.”  – Anthony Douglas Williams

Dear Friends…All Animals Near and Far,

I know you cannot read this letter, but I hope that special souls that are found in a growing number of humans will find a way to read this to you.  Literally with their words, but even more importantly, with their actions and lifestyles. We have just passed a day when so many focus on love for the special people in their lives.  For those that truly love with all of their hearts each and every day, it is really just another day, like all of the others, to love.  But perhaps it does help us to focus on what our true purpose is…to love…love people, all living creatures and our Earth.  I can’t speak for all humanity today, but I would like to.  I just want to say that I gravely saddened by the lack of love that so many of you have seen demonstrated from this human race.  Over the centuries, many humans have found ways to treat you poorly, imprison and enslave you, abandon you, torture and take the life out of you and use and eat your flesh.  I cannot find the words to express how truly and soulfully sorry I am for this.

You are magnificent creatures. You are beautiful and wondrous. Each of you is unique and you possess so many qualities that we as humans should be envious of.  Given the freedom to live, you know how to live simply and enjoy the things that are most important. You respect this earth and don’t take more than you need. You express such care for one another and live without judgement of others.  For the most part you accept us for what we are much better than what we have shown to accept you. So many of you relish the idea of even being companion animals to countless humans on this planet.  Most of these humans treat you as family and take such good care of you.  I am sorry for the ones that don’t.  Every day you teach us about unconditional love and truly focusing on the important things.  It is not the things in our lives.  It is each other and spending quality time enjoying the time that we have together.  You show us more about what it is to live than we could ever teach you, whether you live in the wild or share a home with people.

I want you to know that a growing number of people are hearing your cries for help.  There have never been more people living at one time on the planet who have consciously decided not to eat or use animal products of any kind and those numbers are growing by the thousands each day.  It is unprecedented and it is so long overdue.  Humans are beginning to wake up to the reality that so many of you face every day.  They are responding in compassion and love and are beginning to make this a real movement to help you.  Human lives are at stake as well as the health of the planet, but none carry the same need as the dire conditions that so many of you find yourselves in.  There are good things that we see that will uplift your hearts and to give you hope.  Besides the great numbers of people who are transforming to a vegan, 100% cruelty-free lifestyle, we have been seeing at decline in meat and dairy products consumed in this country.  Victories are being won on many fronts including those regarding animals being bred in mills and the pet stores that would sell them, factory-farming practices and for those of you in captivity at a zoo, circus, marine park or at a research facility.  Animals are beginning to be recognized with non-human animal rights and more will come.  Change is beginning to happen in the hearts of so many people in cities and countries all around the world.  This change will impact you in the most life-giving of ways.

I want you to know that we love you and that we care so deeply about you.  We smile as we are touched by your ways and your kindness each and every day.  We cry for you regularly. Your hopes are watered with your tears and ours together and we are always thinking of ways we can reach others and build bridges to help you. One of the things we love to do is watch you play and run and swim freely with your families, packs, pods, etc. It is important that you know that we will not stop until we see you free from captivity.  We commit our lives, energies and resources to doing so.  We are going to be setting up more and more sanctuaries around the world so that as many of you as possible will have a place to be rescued to. Places where you can live out your days being loved and cared for and providing companionship for one another.  These will be safe havens where people can come and interact with you and see how beautiful and loving you are. To learn from you and understand how we were meant to live alongside of you and share this planet in peace.  There is nothing that we can do to change the wrongs against you that have been done in the past but we are working to change the world today by building a new paradigm where you will not only be welcomed and protected, but be honored.  You are our Valentine each and every day of the year, and we want you to know that we are here and working  for you without end.  Do not give up hope and we will not give up the fight.  You are love…and we love you.

Your forever V-friend…PG

Paul Graham

Paul Graham was born and raised in Northern California and has lived in Las Vegas since 2004.  He is a top wedding officiate, a green Realtor and writer.  He has a daily vegan food blog which is 365 days and 365 vegan meals in Las Vegas.  He can also be reached at or

Paul’s e-book, “Eating Vegan in Vegas:  If It Can Happen Here, It Can Happen Anywhere” is now available at